In 1995, some paediatric surgeons and nurses from the Hospital of Vicenza and one nurse from the hospital of Treviso started collaborating with humanitarian missions for surgery activities to be performed in “underprivileged” countries. After strengthening their organisational abilities, finding the sectors that needed support, and creating the necessary contacts, the small team of doctors and nurses founded “Surgery for Children” (SFC). The organisation is now autonomously and independently conducting short surgery missions to support small hospital in “underprivileged”, albeit with the support of CEFA of Bologna for administrative and accounting management aspects. CEFA is a non-profit organisation with long-standing experience in cooperation and sustainable development in non-health related fields. They selflessly helped SFC right from the start and have been working alongside the organisation ever since.

The focus is mainly on children suffering from disabling congenital malformations of genitals, intestine, anus, kidneys, bladder or face, or deriving from trauma or burns: all such conditions are widespread but totally neglected and the opportunities to treat them are non-existent in those countries, whereas they are easily treatable in the Western world!!

The silent cry for help of the children who grow up as outcasts, without hopes and dreams; the silent suffering of the mothers who seek help for their children and know they will not get it, and of the families that can do nothing but bear the burden of their children’s diseases are the stimulus to create and coordinate activities targeted at learning about, preventing and treating Correctable Congenital Malformations (C.C.M.).

The team grows and more paediatric surgeons, anaesthetists, and nurses from other hospitals (such as Treviso, Verona, Venice, Padova, Naples, Bologna, and Udine) along with non-health operators start cooperating with the organisation, inspired by the same solidarity ideals and by the desire to broaden the horizons of their professions and put their knowledge and expertise at the service of the “underprivileged”. “Surgery for Children” started out in 2006 in Vicenza as a “Legally recognised Association” and became a “Non-profit organisation” in 2014.