“SURGERY FOR CHILDREN-ONLUS” is a non-profit organisation, whose aim is to promote the Treatment of Correctable Congenital Malformations in “low-and-medium social and economic development” countries.

The team consists of doctors, nurses, and non-healthcare volunteers who are especially sensitive towards the “Global Health” issue and have agreed to dedicate their time to and put their expertise at the service of children from underprivileged countries, who would have otherwise limited “opportunities” to be treated, due inadequate social-healthcare situation of the countries they live in.


1) Elective Reconstructive Surgery for Congenital Malformations  (genito-urinary and gastro-intestinal systems) and Valorisation of Paediatric Surgery in the “Public Health sector” of “underprivileged countries”;
  Training, refresher courses and cultural exchange for doctors, anaesthetists and nurses of Governmental Hospitals;
Scientific activities connected to congenital malformations, non-rare conditions that, when left untreated, negatively influence the “public health”, especially in  poor countries;
Educational collaborations with University Centres;
5) Awareness and dissemination of topics related to “Global Health”
Development and Dissemination of “essential technologies”, adapted to “underprivileged countries”